Friday, April 23, 2010

What an Idiot

You have all heard me complain about my idiot professor and I promise this will be the last time. Yesterday he sent us an email letting us know that our last in-class meeting will be on 5/14 instead of 4/30 and that we should be prepared to do our in class presentations on that day. In addition, he will make our final available online 4/30 and we have to turn it in to him no later than 5/14. Now, most people would be thrilled at a 2 week extension, but there are a few problems with this situation. First, according to the academic calendar, the last official class lecture is to be held on 5/3. Then finals week is scheduled for 5/4 to 5/11 so that grades can be sent to the registrar no later than 5/12. No problem that he gives us a final early, but if we turn it in on 5/14 that is 2 days after the official grades are due to the registrar. Oh, and by the way, the classrooms and the campus are officially closed that day. Lastly, we are supposed to meet at 6:30pm on 5/14; however, the commencement exercises (for which at least 2 people in my class should be participating) begin at 6pm on that same day.

Several of us have reached out to him about this bizarre email. To no one's surprise, he has not responded. Today I plan to call the head of the department to find out what is going on. This guy is a total idiot. Thankfully, he is just an adjunct professor at my school; however, he works full time at a very high profile school in our area.

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