Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Grad School

I am patiently waiting (okay maybe not so patiently) to register for next semester in school. I have one class that I can take, I have already gotten my work schedule rearranged to fit the class, and I have been trying every day to see if they have posted my registration time. Today it was finally posted - noon on the first day of registration. Noon? Really? This particular class fills up so quickly that I am going to need to be sure that I am ready to register exactly at noon because I don't have a back up class I can take. So far this semester, grad school has been a lesson in patience and frustration. The professor puts himself to sleep during class (not a joke - it actually happened) and he hasn't graded papers that we turned in back in February. My team project is going very slow, so I just keep nudging my team mates to get their portion of the project done so I can get my portion done (I have to write the "conclusions" section of the project) and move on to the next semester. This is why I prefer individual projects over team projects.

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