Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vet Bill

Abbie had her annual check up this week and of course her vet bill was expensive. Since she has seizures we always have to check her phenobarbital levels annually so I expect that her vet bill will run $200+. This year by the time we are done it will be almost double. She had an infection in her eyes (most likely from allergies) and then her T4 level came back low. This meant another test and an additional cost. Now we are waiting on the T4 level test to see if there is an issue with her thyroid or if the test is showing low because of the medication she is taking (phenobarbital is known to make the T4 test show low). I love my babies so we do what we have to do. Nash is due up next and I suspect he will need some dental work. Ugh.

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  1. Ouch! Seneca's thyroid level was off, so we had to do a medication dosage change, and will have to retest...and that test aint cheap! I just had to take Harrison in for itchies-and meds for all the rats-that was close to $100. Thank God Harley's spring shots weren't too bad...but he did need to see the dentist. But, as you say, they're our kids and you do what you need to do.