Thursday, June 19, 2014

Alone For the Week

Hubby has been away all week on vacation visiting his Aunt in North Carolina.  It seems lately all we do is drive each other crazy, so I was kind of excited at the idea of having the house to myself for a whole week.  On Saturday, I dropped him off at the airport and headed home to have a fun relaxing day.  Well, the house was quiet, so I turned on the television and started doing a little tidying around the house.  On Sunday, I was still excited about having the house to myself and did more cleaning and some shopping.  Monday, the excitement had started to dwindle.  The dogs weren't great at conversation.  In fact, all they wanted to do was bark at every noise leaving me feeling like a recording from telling them to calm down. 

By Tuesday, I was over being alone.  The dogs had started to look for their daddy and wanted to go outside every 2 seconds convinced that he would be out in the yard.  One of the dogs started sitting in the door to his computer room just waiting for him.  I had no one to talk to and was in general just missing my husband.  On Wednesday, I distracted myself by going shopping for a friend and visiting with her for a while, but that only lasted a short while.  By Wednesday evening, I was tired of distracting myself with cleaning (I mean seriously, how bored do you have to be to resort to cleaning the oven). 

Today, I am starting to get excited again because he is coming home tomorrow.  I suppose I should just face it; we have been together for 26, almost 27 years, so being apart for extended periods of time really stinks. 

I am really glad he had this chance to visit his Aunt.  She is 98 and realistically he probably won't have the chance again.  But, I will be happy to have my partner back home - even if we do drive each other crazy when we are together.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

SYTYCD and Justin Bieber

This season So You Think You Can Dance has Justin Bieber doing a segment on each show.  I absolutely love SYTYCD, but am not a fan of Justin Bieber at all.  To me, Bieber is the male version of Miley Cyrus; and that is not a good thing.  

I hope they stop the Bieber segments soon.