Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cool Cache Container

A really fun part of geocaching is seeing all of the creative containers people come up with to disguise the cache.  This container is from a series in Austin called Picnic Time.  All of them are things you would find at a family picnic. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Whataburger Taking Bribes?

About three weeks ago, I was in Whataburger on a Sunday afternoon to grab a quick burger to go.  It was Sunday, so they were pretty busy.  There were three orders ahead of me in line and a large group (about 6 people) in line behind.  We all placed our orders and waiting on our food.  About 5 minutes after placing the order, a member of the large group behind me went up to the counter and spoke to the team lead.  He offered her $20 to push their order ahead of all of the other orders.  She asked him if he was kidding.  He said no, and placed the $20 on the counter.  From where I was sitting, I could not see if the team lead picked up the money (the credit card machine blocked her hands), but I do know that the man did not walk away from counter with the money.  The man nodded toward the money and the team lead smiled and walked back to the line to talk to those preparing the orders.   Within a couple of minutes, the large group had their order and left.  As soon as they left, many of the employees on the line started talking about the situation and debating if they would have taken the money or not.  It took at least another 10 minutes before the rest of us began getting our orders.

When my order was done, I asked to speak to the team lead who looked to have taken then money.  The young lady told me that she was on break, so I couldn't speak to her.  I wanted her to know that I saw what happened and found it appalling.  I was never able to speak to her, so I left.  The next day, I placed a call to both the local restaurant and the home office, but still have never received a return call.  I also have NOT been back to any Whataburger since this incident.

What would you have done if you had witnessed this situation?