Friday, February 15, 2013

Chris P. Bacon

I heard about Chris on the news last night and he is so adorable.  You have to check out his videos on You Tube.  He is also on Facebook and Twitter.  I have never considered having a pot bellied pig, but this little guy would totally change my mind.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Perfume and Cologne

The other day, Hubby was in the doctors office waiting room when someone walked in and their fragrance was so strong, he had to go outside of the building and wait to keep from getting sick.  I also have a reaction to most fragrances, so I don't use them. But, I was curious about how we came to have perfume and cologne in our society.

In the Dark Ages, fragrance was used by people to cover the smell of death due to the Black Death as many of the dead were left where they fell until the honey wagons collected them.  In some cultures it was used to cover body odor because they did not have the facilities to bathe regularly.  In others, it was used by the elderly to cover the natural smell that an elderly person tends to get as they age. Some people call it the "smell of death".   Of course in more modern times it is used to make yourself smell more appealing to others.  Regardless of why a person uses perfumes and colognes, a little really does go a long way.  As your body heats up, it continually reactivates your perfume, so there is no need to spray multiple times all over your body.  Just little dabs at key pulse points (behind the ears or on the neck) will do the trick.

My paternal grandmother always sprayed one spritz in the air and walked in to it; whatever got on her was all she ever used.  There are some people who use fragrances lightly and they really do smell nice.  Others, however, really douse themselves with the fragrance and their smell is very offensive.

For all of you that love to wear fragrance and love to spray several sprays all over you, please remember that some people are allergic and you are literally making us sick.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chris Kyle's Funeral

Today is the funeral procession from Midlothian to Austin for the Ex Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.  I find myself feeling really emotional each time I hear about this story.  My husband and I both have lots of family members who either are or have been in the military and the sacrifices that both them and their family makes is tremendous. 

The pain the Kyle family will go through over the next several months is tremendous, but with the support of their friends, they will make it through this difficult time even stronger than before.  I am hoping the procession goes well today and the anticipated protest group stay away.  This family is going through an extremely difficult time and the last thing they need is someone protesting at the funeral.

Thank you Chris and all service men and women for your dedication and service to our country.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fish Patty and the Chili Judge

Today Hubby and I went to Cabela's shopping.  We had never been and it is quite a distance from our house, but we decided to go check it out.  When we got there they were having a Chili Cook-Off in the parking lot to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.  We didn't stop to check it out because we were going to have lunch with hubby's sister and we didn't want to dilly dally.  When we were finishing our shopping, his sister texted and said she wasn't able to make lunch after all.  So, on the way out of the store, one of the guys from the chili cook off grabbed hubby and asked him to be one of the judges.  We didn't have plans, so he decided to participate.  Twenty-two chili samples later and we were back on our way home.  He had fun and the people there were really nice.  I am glad it was him and not me because he has a much stronger stomach.

On the way home, we stopped at Petco to pick up some glucosamine for the dogs and instead of buying their stuff, we pick up a new member of the family instead.  We purchased a female blue fantail Betta.  Her name will be Fish Patty.  We have noticed that our male Betta, Fish Stick, is making bubbles and that is supposed to mean they are ready for a partner.  We are leaving them in separate containers tonight and so far they have been checking each other out.  No one is puffing up like they want to fight, so that is a good sign.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

CHL Class

Hubby and I took the CHL class today. We spent 9 hours in the classroom learning the applicable laws and rules that go with having a CHL. Then there was the hour on the range doing the shooting qualification. I was really nervous about the range portion, but I scored really well (242 out of a possible 250). Hubby did better, he scored 243 and probably would have scored 248, but he didn't get a chance to fire one round.

We both aced the written exam, so now we just have to complete the second portion which is the state application, fingerprinting and background portion.

If you are looking for a good CHL instructor, Calvin from Red's is great. He is a tough SOB on the range (all for everyones safety), but he makes the classroom portion easy to learn.