Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Is Target Being Racist?

I noticed in our local Target that they have an isle that has the Italian, Asian, and Hispanic items. Why are these ethnicities being singled out?  Why can't you put the tortilla's with the other bread products or put the beans with Hispanic brand names in the place with the other beans?  Why can't the noodles all be placed in the same locations?

I just find this somewhat offensive and wonder if anyone else ever noticed this or if it is just at my Target?

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Texas Clover Band

Tonight we decided to go to the Downtown Hall of Fame and grab a beer while listening to some live music.  The band is made up of an unlikely group of guys.  One is a city councilman, one is the city engineer, and the other four members are very active in commissions and such for the community.  They are very good  and it was a lot of fun to get out and do something different.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

25th Anniversary

Today was our 25th anniversary.  In today's society, we are not a typical couple because this is a first marriage for both of us.

I took this week off as vacation and we have been spending the week together.  We got massages, slept late every day, and tonight we treated ourselves to a new restaurant.  We went to Bess Bistro.  It is a restaurant owned by Sandra Bullock.  No, she wasn't there.

The food is French American and was very good.  I had The escargot for appetizer and hubby had the mussels.  The escargot was good, but the mussels were better.  For our main course, hubby had the filet with foie gras and I had the pan seared salmon.  For desert they treated us with the beignets.

All of the food was good, but the mussels were the best part of the meal.  

We have had a good 25 years and we will see what the next 25 years bring.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Don't Leave Your Dog In the Car

The county I live in, Williamson, is very strict about people leaving their animals in the car while they go in to a business.  We recently had a lady whose dog died after being left in the car for 15 minutes.  In the Texas heat, it doesn't take long for your dog to dehydrate and die.  

Today when hubby and I went to Target, we saw a little chihuahua left in the car.  We watched it for about 8-10 minutes and when the owner didn't come back, I called the police.  The owner arrived as I was giving the info to the police.  I politely reminded her that it was illegal to leave her dog in the car.  She yelled at her kid to get in the car and mumbled a few things then left.  She was buying a vacuum and didn't think she would be in the store that long.  

Nonetheless, the police took her info and will probably contact her to remind her that she needs the leave the dog at home next time.  If they had arrived, they would have cited her for negligence or animal cruelty.

If no one is going to stay in the car with your pet, please just leave them at home.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Real Racing 3

I am so addicted to Real Racing 3.  I find myself playing this every spare moment.  Everytime Hubby beats me in a race, I feel compelled to go back and beat him.