Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our Yard

Hubby and I spend a great deal of time working in our yard. He is very diligent about doing weed and feed, he walks the yard daily looking for unwanted weeds and pulls them by hand; when we mow the lawn, I always over seed to make sure any sparse areas fill in. We have one neighbor that asked what we do because she really wanted her yard to be as green as ours (hers was really brown). Now today, I heard the neighbor on the other side talking to her husband and asking why our yard was green and theirs was brown. They don't spend a lot of time working on their yards and that is okay; they spend their time doing other things. We find it relaxing to be outside drinking a beer, doing little things to the yard while the dogs are running and playing. That's just our thing.

Who knows, maybe this year we will even win yard of the month and the nice Lowe's gift card that goes along with it!

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