Sunday, April 25, 2010


We have had a very productive, but busy weekend. On Saturday we got up early and planned to reorganize the garage to fit the new shelving we had purchased. The temp was nice outside and before we knew it that turned in to cleaning and reorganizing the whole garage. Then we stepped out to go grab a bite to eat and buy groceries. After that, we still had a little energy, so we mowed the front lawn including edging and trimming the bushes. We were officially exhausted, so we called it a day around 8pm and went in to have leftovers for dinner. Today, we got up and mowed, edged, and seeded the back yard. That didn't take long, but considering we were still tired from yesterday it took longer that normal. After that we went to Snuffy's to have a burger then to Lowe's (our official second home these days) and back to the house. Now I still need to finish laundry and finish my paper for school. My portion of the paper is done, I just need one of my team mates to add his portion and it is ready to submit. A very busy and exhausting weekend, but very productive.

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