Friday, July 4, 2008

Almost Done

I haven't blogged in quite a while because I have been so tired. I am trying to get back in to the groove of things at work, but my body is still not 100%; I tire out more quickly than I did previously.

This week the doctor blessed me with yet another round of antibiotics - yipee. This time they are really strong and are kicking my butt. About 1/2 hour after taking them I can barely hold my eyes open and then the other pleasantries kick in. I have to be sure I am within reasonable distance from a bathroom when that happens. This is only for 10 days, so I can do it if it means getting well once and for all. I just need a good supply of milk and saltines.

Next week I start on a presentation circuit at work, so I have to be sure to take a supply of crackers . I don't think it would make the greatest impression if I ran out of the room while make a presentation to all of the supervisors, manager, directors, and VPs in our company.

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