Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lazy Weekend

I think this has been the laziest weekend in recorded history for us. When my meds kick in, it makes me really sleepy. Considering I am taking them three times a day, it seems like I am sleeping most of the day. My meds must be stronger than I thought, because they are making hubby and the dog sleepy too!

Today we decided to head down to Central Market and see what they had that looked interesting. Anyone who has ever been to one of the Central Market stores knows that can be dangerous. We walked the store and actually came out better than normal, only $70. Usually that place gets a minimum of $100 when I go in there. They now offer curb side grocery carryout service and the young gentleman who was coming to help me had one arm in a sling. I couldn't make him carry out my groceries when I had hubby with me and he had two good arms.

Tomorrow, I have to get my PowerPoint completed for work. I was having our summer interns work on the handout and PowerPoint for my presentation, but it just needs a little more pizazz too it.

On a great note, I did a bandage change today and the wound is completely closed over. Tuesday could be my final visit to the doctor!

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