Sunday, July 6, 2008

Favorite House

I grew up in the town of Stephenville and we always lived out in the country, but I always wanted to live in town. There was this one house on Long Street which was near the City Park where we would go for basketball practice and to swim during the summer. When I would walk back to my grandparents house, I would always go out of my way just to go past this house. It was a two story white house with a large front yard. The house just looked so majestic and I always wanted to see inside. I never saw people coming in or out of the house, so that made it all the more mysterious. As I would walk home, I would daydream that someday this house would be mine.

Well, believe it or not, that house is now up for sale. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to buy the house, but with the aid of the Internet, I can finally see inside. The inside was nice, but in the pictures I was drawn to the back yard. I never really thought about the backyard before, but from seeing it on the Internet, it is fabulous. There is a sunroom on the back of the house with a big deck leading into two backyards. The main backyard is huge and the grass is a beautiful green. Beyond the main backyard there is a rock fence that leads to the secondary backyard which has an orchard of pecan and fruit trees. The look in the pictures reminds me of a southern plantation.

Sometime as kids the things we are drawn to are not a spectacular when we become adults. This is still just as appealing to me now as it was as an adult. Someday, I may be able to own this house, but not today.

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