Friday, July 25, 2008

20th Anniversary

Today was our 20th Anniversary. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday when I was working at Chevy Chase Apartments and we took the day off to go get married before the JP. Other times it seems like I can't remember any life other than married life. Honestly, I can't say that I believe whole heartedly in the idea that a couple must get married to spend their life together. I know, a strange thing for someone to say who is celebrating their 20th anniversary. I say this because I truly believe that we would still be together even if we never officially got married. Nothing about our commitment to each other changed when we received that piece of paper. At the time we got married, it was not acceptable for people to live together without planning to be married. In today's society, it is perfectly okay. We have conquered so many hurdles together that could not have been handled alone. That type of bond isn't strengthened (or weakened) just because you have a piece of paper that says you are married.

Thanks babe for 20 years and I am looking forward to the next 20.

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