Sunday, July 20, 2008

Denali becomes Riley

We found ourselves inadvertantly calling Denali by the name of Riley. We have no idea why, it just sort of came out. Ironically, she seems to respond to that name (when we called her Denali she had no name recognition). So, we decided to not keep her kennel name and started calling her Riley. She deserves a fresh name and a fresh start.

So far we have had so much fun with her. She is a very vocal little girl and will let you know when she wants your attention. She made it through her first night in a crate with no accidents and only had to go outside once. She and her sister are still learning how to play with each other. Abbie wants to play rough and doesn't understand why Riley can dish it out but not take it. This morning I caught them playing tug-o-war with a monkey. That poor monkey never had a chance. I see him having his legs ripped off in no time.

Now, maybe having a new little one in the picture will take my mind off of all of the crap that happens at work and the uncertainties that lay ahead with our reorganization. Now I can just focus on making it through the day and getting home to the family.

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