Friday, November 28, 2008

More Days Like Today

I wish there could be more days like today.

I was technically on vacation today, but I went to work for a couple of hours to help out one of the girls on my team process in 30 new hires so she could go home and enjoy her long weekend. After that, I went to run a few errands. While I was out, my sister-in-law called saying they were coming over. Hubby doesn't hear so well on the phone and thought they were coming over later in the evening when in fact they were on their way right then. So I dashed home and we did a fire drill house cleaning. When she and her husband arrived, the guys began cooking lunch while we worked on her resume. Well, actually, only my hubby took care of lunch. My brother-in-law is not very handy in the kitchen so we put him in charge of the tv remote.

We had a great lunch and just kicked backed for a while. Talking with them is very relaxed because no subject is off limits. We are both very open with each other, but we don't share anything with the other siblings about each other. Unlike some of the family who just want an update so they can gossip with everyone else.

When they left, I cleaned the kitchen and we watched a little television. It was very relaxing and nice to hang out with family. Our house is going to be near my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, so maybe we will be able to have more days like today.

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  1. "not very handy in the kitchen so we put him in charge of the tv remote"!

    Sounds like nice conversation where you can really just be yourself. My kind of conversation!

    Hope you're having a nice day today too.