Monday, November 3, 2008

Bad Leg

You know how some dogs like to chase their tails? Well, Riley gets very angry at her back leg. She will be scratching and then next thing you know she is growling and fighting with her back leg. It's as if it didn't scratch her ear in exactly the right way. She grumbles, growls, and actually bites her back leg. When she feels it has been sufficiently scolded, she leaves it alone. She could care less what her tail does, but that leg is not allowed to get out of line.


  1. maybe she has a flea or a boo-boo on it? Or is this her regular habit?

  2. No bugs or boo-boos, just a regular habit.

  3. Dogs sure have their little pecadilloes. Cooincidently my post day showcases my dacshund in his finest hour.