Sunday, November 30, 2008

Austin Skyline

Today we went downtown for the City Wide Garage Sale. On the way there, I noticed something very disappointing in the Austin skyline - it was full of cranes. Not the bird kind of crane, but construction cranes. I saw at least 5 cranes working on different construction projects. More and more buildings going up even though the economy is in a downturn. This just means more buildings to either be left unoccupied or worse yet, stopped in mid construction. It used to be nice to go to Auditorium Shores and you could see the lake and all the people walking their pets. Today I was just drawn to all of the construction projects and it just looked sad. I am all for progress, but I am not sure that is really what is happening.


  1. Yes, isn't it mind-boggling we have all this construction going on here? Condo-City everywhere you look too, man! (Not that you're a man, Steph. Obviously.) : )

    Jim says there are supposed to be like thousands of new jobs here next year, just what kinds I don't know.

    I was on the trail today! I'm almost 45 and felt like I was still 21, enjoying that fresh (finally fall) air, smiling and bouncing along the crushed granite path. Wonderful!

    Now I'm eatig tuna and sipping the coffee I bought over 2 hours ago.


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