Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I really want to learn to like wine. My hubby and most of my friends like various wines, but I haven't found one that I really like. Red wines are too strong and white wines taste bitter to me. The only wine that I have found that I can drink is a Riesling, but it is really sweet. We have gone to wine tastings and I have tried to learn and search out which ones are appealing; unfortunately, I still can't find one that I would like to drink on a regular basis.

When I go out for company dinners or out with my hubby, it would really be nice to have a glass of wine and enjoy the conversation. Instead, I drink tea, soda, or a mixed drink. How does a person train the taste buds to enjoy wine?


  1. Hmmn, it's such a personal taste isn't it. I didn't like either coffee or beer as a young adult but eventually I learned to love them both.

    Like anything, try and try again!

    Champagne has to be my absolute favorite! Maybe try it with cheese and crackers.

    Oh,and try a pnior noir with steak.

    What are your preferred alcoholic drinks?

  2. Taste and taste and taste again. I so wish you could go with me to some wineries. I know we'd find several that you'd like. Some wines now put a range of sweetness on their labels-so you can tell if it's a sweeter or drier wine. I prefer I dry-semi sweet whites. But I also like some reds (finally found some I like) and some sweet wines. Also fruit wines.

  3. My preferred alcoholic drink is anything with rum.

  4. Me, I started by drinking Zinfandels. You know, like the cheap berry ones that almost taste like coolers? I used to love those and I think that got me started...now I love wine. My husband doesn't drink wine either.

  5. Just keep at it, girl! Where there's a wine, there's away.