Sunday, October 12, 2008

Seth Steven

Seth Steven is the name of my nephew who should be making his grand entrance into the world around mid November. At first, I was not crazy about the name, but it has slowly began to go on me. For little Seth's sake, I hope that my sister in laws genes are more dominant than my brother's; otherwise, little Seth will come in to this world with a full head of bright red hair and very large ears. This is not my first nephew on my side of the family (hubby's side is pretty large), but we don't get to see my brother's son from his first marriage very much. I am hoping we will get the opportunity to be closer to Seth. I am the aunt who fills them full of sugar, spoils them rotten, and then sends them back home. I know, I know, every kid needs an aunt like that and I am happy to fill that need. I had an aunt like that, Sylvia, and I cherished every minute I had with her. Even later in life when I knew better, she was still so much fun. With Seth, I will have to spoil him long distance since they live in California.


  1. Seth Steven, a wonderful Biblical name! Hope the birth and all go well.

    I think you can have as great of a relationship with him as you want - the sky's the limit. And the best way I know to do that is to spend time with him. Kids love that! You'll be the best auntie ever.

  2. I know all about being a long distance auntie. My godchild lives in Chicago.