Sunday, October 5, 2008

Doctor Visit

I have not been feeling like myself for a while. I have been really tired, irritable, and in general just feel like crap. I suspected I knew what was going on, but I went to the doctor Friday anyway so we can get things going on the right track. As suspected, I am a pre-diabetic. I am very familiar with diabetes because of my family and my husband, so I knew the warning signs and could tell I was starting to have more of them. I just didn't want to admit that it could be happening to me too. I have a few more tests to do to make sure I am still in the "pre" stages, but we have a game plan to get things going in a more positive direction. Mainly - be more active. On Monday I go to take the other tests and then I can get busy correcting what I have tried to ignore for too long.


  1. will be thinking about you. sounds like a good plan to get more active... i can't believe how much better i feel now that i am really active. also there are many members of my WW group that are off their meds because of weight loss and following the eating plan.