Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Phone Obsession

My dog, Riley, has an obsession with the telephone. Anytime it rings, she whines and jumps on you wanting to hear the person on the phone. It all started when my husband called me one day at work and put me on the speaker phone. Riley heard my voice and started acting silly. When he showed her the phone, she started licking it like crazy, took it out of his hands, and carried it to her bed. All of this sounded really strange on my end. All I could hear was him telling her to bring the phone back.

Now, any time the phone rings, she insists on trying to get the phone out of your hands. If the battery goes dead, I will know it was not saliva proof!


  1. Dogs, smarter than Dolphons I think.

    never had a pet dolphin but guessing ocean probably even wetter than dog spit.