Thursday, October 9, 2008

Good News

Today I received something in the mail other than a pile of bills. I received the lab results back from my tests on Monday. I am still in the pre-diabetes stage. That means 1 pill instead of 3 or more. Over the last couple of weeks I have been gauging how I feel with different diet varieties. I feel much better when I stick to a primarily vegetable based diet (just include small amounts of meat) and have a light meal mid day. Now I just have to get the exercise thing going.....


  1. you can do it! you just have to be adventurous and find an exercise that you enjoy and some people that you enjoy being around to do it with!

    sounds like you have already made lots of progress by figuring out your diet.

  2. One pill is better than 3, eh?

    Exercise, how about a stroll around the block, to take in the nice fall colors?

  3. Hey, you're in my favs now, Girl!

    Ayybody who takes the time to comment on my humble blog must be a new BFF!!

  4. Good news! Keep up the good work. Too bad we no longer live near each other-we could force each other to exercise together!