Monday, October 13, 2008


My mother is about to have a puppy explosion. She has a pair of Yorkies and a pair of Blue Lacey's that are about to be parents. Her Yorkies are due this Saturday and the Lacey's are due just before Thanksgiving. My parents house is already like a miniature zoo, so I can't imagine how chaotic it will be once the puppies are born. They already have 6 dogs, 2 coyotes, and 2 amazon parrots. And, yes, I did say coyotes. My dad is a surveyor and they found them abandoned by the mother on a job several years ago. My parents raised them as if they were dogs and now they don't leave. They have tried to let them go in the wild, but they always come back. They have even had a couple of litters of pups at my parents home.

On a personal note, I would love to have one of the Yorkies. They are so adorable. I got one of the pups from my mothers very first litter almost 20 years ago and our little Munchkin was with us for 13 years. When we brought her home she was so small she fit in my husbands shirt pocket and never got over 5 pounds. Going home for Thanksgiving should be very interesting - especially adding my two monsters to the mix!


  1. That'll be a fun Turkey Day! What better than puppies and good food. I've never heard of Blue Lacies. What are they like? Could you get a yorkie from this litter? Do you think you'll add one to your twosome at home? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Funny, a woman was saying a couple of nights ago how sweet coyotes can be.

    Wolves are actually quite loving too, within their own packs.

  3. i noticed that one of your tags on this post is stephenville. my sister and brother in law are about to move back there!

    anyway, oh how my Kirstyn would love a yorkie! i just wish i wanted the work required to take care of a puppy. hummmm