Sunday, January 17, 2010

Social Media

It seems like every where I turn lately I am hearing more about social media. In our quarterly regional meeting at work, even our corporate representative was saying how social media is gaining steam and our company is going to be setting up more sites. In fact, the guy sitting next to me in the meeting was on Twitter almost the whole meeting.

I have to admit, I am not on most of those social media sites. I am too concerned about my personal information being shared. I have had my social get used by someone trying to get welfare and I have had a credit number stolen, that is enough to make me extremely cautious. I am on Linked In and I have a page on My Space that I haven't accessed in almost a year. I am not on Twitter, Face Book, or any of the others and that is fine with me.


  1. Social Media is a huge hot topic. In fact, The Spartan Opinion will be publishing an article from one of my freelancers on the subject soon. I was concerned about my information being out there, but I got into Facebook and am a huge fan! Scores of people and groups are there-people of all ages too. I'm set to friends only, so only people I choose can see my information.

  2. The following is a blurb from Bloomberg -"Facebook Inc.’s changes to its user settings, which made more information public by default, drew complaints from privacy groups concerned that people will unwillingly expose their photos and personal data.

    The Electronic Privacy Information Center, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union say the new settings expose too much private information. The changes, rolled out this week, make information such as gender and location easier to find outside of Facebook on the Internet, said Nicole Ozer, a policy director at the ACLU."

    It is such things as these as to why I don't join many social websites.