Sunday, January 31, 2010

PHR Exam

Today I took the PHR exam. The results..... I passed! The test is lots of scenario questions where you have to select the best answer and more than one of them could be correct. I tend to over think these type of questions so this test has stressed me out for months. Before I left the house, hubby gave me a good luck coin with an Irish blessing on it. When I got to the testing site I heard the person checking everyone in that you couldn't have any jewelry on, couldn't take anything in with you - not even car keys, and nothing in your pockets. Before it was my time to check in, I went to the bathroom and took the coin out of my pocket and put it in my bra (I figured they wouldn't look there). After safely tucking the good luck coin away, I went back out to check in and get a locker to put my keys and other items inside. The test went pretty well and I forced myself not over think anything and just went with my gut instinct. When I clicked the "end exam" button it seemed like an eternity before it came back saying I had passed the exam. I am so relieved to have this one behind me and I can focus on my masters.


  1. Good thinking! What exactly is the PHR exam?

  2. Congradulations on passing! I always thought your first thought about an answer was the correct one, it's when you start second guessing your self that you make mistakes.

  3. The PHR is the Professional in Human Resource designation exam. They test you on knowledge in the areas of Workforce Planning, Employee & Labor Relations, Strategic Management, Total Rewards, HR Development, and Risk Management.