Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July! Today we spent most of the day at home, but ventured out briefly to our neighbors house to celebrate her birthday. We made guacamole and took some chips as our contribution to the pot luck. Most of the people at our neighbors were her friends and family (all German speaking) and there were also some of the other neighbors from the community. Hubby ran home a grab a bottle of wine when he noticed that Abbie had one again flipped her kennel and had also soiled her bed. We only stayed at the party for a couple of hours then we came home to clean up the mess the little one had created.

After getting everything cleaned up, the rest of the evening was relatively quiet - until the fireworks started. This was Riley's first 4th of July and she had never heard fireworks before. She did okay as long as she was out in the yard and could see what was causing the noise; when she would go inside, they would startle her and she would begin to bark. Hopefully they don't last too long past midnight. I really hope people of being very careful, it is so dry here that one spark could cause a really nasty fire. Even though fireworks are not allowed within the city limits, people are still using them anyway.

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