Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Saving A Turtle

Yesterday evening hubby and I decided to get out of the house and go to Target. Just after we pulled out of our subdivision, we saw a large turtle in one lane of the road. It had a bright red spot on the top and we thought it must have been dead. We decided to turn around and go check anyway. As we got closer, we saw that he (or maybe it was a she) wasn't dead and was actually trying to get across the road. He was bleeding where one of the cars had clipped the top of his shell, but he was still very much alive. I pulled off of the road as much as possible and put my hazard lights on so the traffic whizzing by at 60+ mph would at least see me while hubby went to move the turtle off of the road.

As hubby bent down to pick him up, he realized this wasn't just any turtle, it was a big snapping turtle and he was not happy. I am watching from the car and hubby turns the turtle toward me; all I can see is his huge mouth open and he is looking for something to bite. As traffic clears, hubby runs him across the road and puts him in some tall grass near the pond. As they were running across the road, the turtle made one last effort at trying to get away and peed on my hubby.

With the turtle safely out of harms way we headed on to Target. Once there, hubby immediately went to the bathroom to clean off the turtle pee and I stayed outside for a few minutes cleaning it off of a few places in my car. It was worth having to clean up a little urine to save the turtle from getting killed.

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  1. turtle pee, lol. Well maybe it wasn't lol at the time for your hubby. But a very good deed, indeed!

    you know my hubby always saves turtles too, has a real soft spot in his heart for them, having raised box turtles as a boy.