Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Escape Artist

Abbie had surgery on Sunday and we brought her home on Monday (with a serious chunk taken out of our wallet). She has restrictions for at least 8 weeks - no running, jumping, playing, etc. Have you ever tried to keep a hyper rat terrier still? To keep an eye on her, we are essentially taking shifts, with the hubby taking the bulk of the baby sitting duties. She has been doing okay, but last night she decided to escape from her kennel.

We are using a soft travel kennel to make sure she doesn't snag her leg on the side of the kennel. At night when we are not able to watch her she has to wear the e-collar; which she does pretty well. Last night she apparently decided she didn't want to stay in her kennel and used her good leg to unzip the zipper. I found out she was loose because her sister started barking about 5am. Apparently, Riley was jealous that Abbie was out and she was still in a kennel. She didn't appear to do any damage to her bandage and actually seemed quite happy with herself. I put her back in the kennel and used a zip tie to keep the zipper closed until the hubby was ready to get up. There was no sense in me going back to bed because the alarm was going to go off any minute now.

Three days behind us and only 7 and 1/2 weeks to go. Here is a picture of my little escape artist. As you can see, the pain meds are working well.

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