Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Egg Genie

Have you seen the commercial for The Egg Genie? It can cook up to 7 eggs at the same time and make them either hard boiled, medium boiled, or soft boiled. It can even do poached eggs. The commercial does a good job of making it sound simple, but it leaves out a few details.

Does it magically know what type of egg you want (hard boiled, soft boiled, or poached)? It never shows you how to make the selection.

How does the thing get its power? It doesn't mention anything about putting it in the microwave, there is no mention of batteries, and they never show a power cord.

All they tell you to do is put water in, poke the eggs with the little tool, put them in the Egg Genie (up to 7 eggs at one time), and then you take them out when the time goes off.

This made me so curious that I decided to look at the infomercial on the Internet, and it never answers the questions either.

Check out The Egg Genie infomercial and let me know you what you think.

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