Sunday, July 5, 2009


I had a co-worker once tell me that I should never wish for patience because the only way to tell if you have patience is for you to be tested over and over. Well, my Abbie has decided today that my patience needs to be tested. Today, she kept escaping out of her kennel and going to her sisters kennel. Then, when we weren't watching, she decided to chew on her cast (it is a soft cast). She only has 8 more days in the cast; which I am sure seems like a lifetime to her.

We actually can't wait for the cast to come off either, but we don't know what comes next. We believe it may just be a bandage of some sort to cover the surgery site, but we are not sure. I know it is no fun for her to watch her sister run free and play ball. All she can do is sit or lay on a soft bed and do nothing. Even when she goes outside to potty, she is not allowed to roam around the yard. She goes out to do her business and then right back inside. No playing and no sunbathing.

So, I am afraid to ask for patience to make it the next 8 days; so ho about a little strength and tolerance?

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