Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lawn Aerator Sandals

Our lawn is really compacted so we decided to buy some lawn aerator sandals. We couldn't find any locally, so we purchased them online. They finally came in the mail yesterday. It seems like a pretty easy concept; put them on over your shoes and walk around the yard. The spikes in the bottom of the shoes help the aerate the yard.

I put them on over my crocs, stood up to begin walking around the lawn and fell flat on my face. The spikes stuck in the ground so deep that I couldn't get them out. My feet were firmly planted in the ground and I couldn't get enough leverage to get myself up or to pull the spikes out of the ground. The dog is outside with me and she wanders over and begins licking me. Although very sweet, it is no help to me at all. I was about to call for hubby to come get me unstuck when I decided to give it one more try; that time did the trick. I took the sandals off and went inside. After hubby stopped laughing at the story I had just told him, he helped me give it another try. This time I was more successful and was able to walk around the yard. I focused on the more compacted areas since it was really hot outside.

If you are looking for a good work out, this will definitely work your legs and butt. After finishing the yard, I could definitely feel the muscles I had worked. I really noticed how much they hurt after I had finished taking a shower and relaxed a bit.

Overall the lawn sandals were a good idea, but are going to take some work to get the hang of how to operate them.

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