Saturday, June 7, 2008

Abbie and the Cardinals

Abbie has been having a love hate relationship with Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal that come to the feeders we have hanging in the trees. Every time she hears them out there, she wants so badly to chase them out of her yard. They like to get just out of her reach and taunt her. Well, this morning I opened the door to let her outside and she took off in a mad dash - after one of the birds of course. She was so focused on chasing the bird that she didn't notice he was heading straight through the fence railings. She hit the railing so hard all I could hear was a loud thud and twang of the metal fence. She turned and looked at me like I had somehow caused her to hit the fence. After a couple of seconds she went about taking care of her morning business like nothing happened.

She quickly forgave me for allowing her to hit her head after I went to PetsMart and came back with a new loofa toy for her collection. She has a loofa dog for each holiday, so I went to find one for the July 4th holiday. They didn't have one that I liked, so she got a summer one instead. He is a little life guard and has a floaty around his waist.

They also had the rescue dogs outside of PetsMart and there was one little guy named Jose that was so cute. He was 1 year old and his owner surrendered him to the shelter because he chased things (hello, he is a dog!). He was really mopey today because he just had his little boy parts operated on, but he was such a little lover boy. I held him in my arms and he started to fall asleep. When I would talk to him, he would kiss me on the nose. He was quickly melting my heart. Ray had to drag me away. If not, I would have come home with a new baby.

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