Friday, November 12, 2010


My dogs have tons of toys to play with. In fact, they have a toy chest in side the house full of toys (when they aren't spread all over the floor) and about 20 toys scattered all over the back yard. Abbie (the rat terrier) loves to play soccer with an over sized tennis ball that is about 1 foot in diameter, Nash (the Yorkie) loves to tug on anything soft enough to get in his mouth, and Riley (the lab mix), what do you think she wants to play with? Absolutely nothing in the yard. She wants to play with a laser. Yep, one of those little laser pointers. When it gets dark enough for her to see it, we take it outside and she will run around the yard for hours chasing that darn laser. She gets so focused, she has even ran in to fences and people. It is almost like it puts her in a trance and she has to chase it. Unfortunately, she hasn't learned to tell the difference between the laser and a regular flashlight. So, when you pull out a flashlight, she comes and sits in front of you and won't move. What is your animals favorite toy?

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  1. hi! i like reading your blog. beautiful kids u have there. laser huh? interesting. my Chokie boy (ginger coloured cat) just love playing with straws, big black beans and ribbons. :)
    Ayesha, from Malaysia.