Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ceiling Fan

Our ceiling fan had been making a weird rubbing/grinding sound off and on for several weeks. We couldn't figure out why. The fan was the same brand as another one we installed and it was working just fine. Finally after not being able to figure it out, I called Lowe's to see if we could still return it even though it was about 60-days old. I spoke to a manager who eventually agreed as long as I could find the receipt and I had to bring it in before the 90-day mark.

I was actually able to find the receipt and now all we needed to do was take it down. Taking it was going to be the hard part. Due to the location, it meant taking the bed partially apart in order to reach the fan. We thought about it for a couple of days and decided that this was such an ordeal that we weren't going to return the fan, we were just going to live with the noise.

The fan seemed fine for a couple of more days and then it started making the noise again. Hubby got up on the bed one more time to see if he could tell what was causing the noise. He was able to see something this time that looked like it might be causing the issue, so he used some tweezers to pull it out. When we turned the ceiling fan back on - problem solved.

What did he pull out? A plastic coated label that had fallen and was causing the noise. Ironically, the label happened to be the info on the number to call for service!

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