Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Texas Fires

When we are younger, we didn't worry about things.  Instead, our parents constantly worried about us even though we told them not to. Then something shifts and you begin to worry about your parents while they tell you not to.  That is where I am at, and honestly have been for a while.  But right now, I am specifically worried about their safety.  They live in the general area of the fires we have been having here in Texas.  They had a fishing cabin along the Brazos near Palo Pinto and that area has already been evacuated.  This morning, CNN is saying the fires have reached Strawn, which is not too far from their home in Stephenville.  I am really concerned that if the need arises for my parent to evacuate, they won't.  They have lots of pets as well as cattle and they won't want to leave.  I am justing keeping my fingers crossed that the firefighters get the break today with the weather that they are saying could happen and they can get the fires under control.  We have firefighters from 34 states here helping out.  That is phenomenal and truly appreciated.  For now, all I can do is watch  the news and listen to the police/fire scanner for that area.  

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  1. Sending prayers their way...if only I could send our rain to them as well.