Monday, August 23, 2010

Wounded by a Frog

We have this frog that hangs out by our water hose. He isn't a baby, but he isn't yet full grown either. Every Thursday and Sunday when we water the grass, he tries to get in to our garage. We have to keep an eye on him because if we accidentally close him in, he will not be able to get back out and he will die from the heat of the garage. Last night while I was watering the grass, I thought I would outsmart Mr. Frog - I didn't open the garage door to go in and out while watering. Well, on the next to the last movement of the sprinklers as I am rounding the corner of the house to turn off the water, Mr. Frog jumps out at me. The garage door wasn't open, so I wasn't on the look out for him. I see him and quickly realize that he is going to land in the exact same spot as my foot. I don't want to squish this from, so I do a little stutter step to miss him and in the process I twisted the crap out of my knee. The knee was already swollen and achy because of my arthritis acting up, but for the rest of the night it was even more swollen and painful. The frog? He was fine and just hopped away as if nothing ever happened. I am sure he will be back again on Thursday.

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