Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ross Store

I have never been in to a Ross store before today. I am going to be going to Charlotte, NC on a business trip for 4 days and needed a pair of shoes. I originally went to Rack Room Shoes, but ever thing they had came with bows on them. Since I am not a frilly bows kind of person, that just wouldn't work. The Ross store is just next door, so hubby convinced me to pop in and see if they had shoes. My neighbor raves about Ross, but I honestly had no idea what kind of stuff they had. Needless to say $120 later, I think I am actually a fan of Ross. They even had the DC shoes that my brother loves for my nephew - and $20 less than they paid for them in the mall. We ended up with my new shoes, 2 suits for work, 2 shirts for hubby, a new knife block with knives, a toy for the dogs, a bottle to make me some gin and raisins, a neck pillow for hubby, and some new kitchen towels (ours have seen better days). I can definitely see myself going back to Ross in the future.

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