Sunday, July 11, 2010

For the past few days I have been having a blast with my nephew, brother, and my Mom. They came down on Thursday and we have spent the past several days swimming in the neighborhood swimming pool, going to the Texas History Museum, going to the mall, and just hanging out. My nephew has settled in to being around almost everyone. He is still kind of shy around my Mom. My nephew is just learning to talk, so anyone who isn't Mommy or Daddy is called Nanny. All of the dogs are called pup pup and he loves crawling in the dog kennels - go figure.

Last night Mom and I went to HEB for a few groceries and took him with us. Seth wanted to ride in one of those carts that has to race car attached. I have learned that it takes a special skill to drive one of those things and I apparently still need to work on that skill.

They will be heading back to my Mom's house today and then my brother and nephew will meet me in Dallas tomorrow night. I have a business meeting in Coppell for a couple of days and they are going to come spend the night with me Monday night so they will be closer to the airport on Tuesday.

If all goes as planned, the whole family will be back in November for Thanksgiving. On that trip I will get to meet baby Maddox who is only 3 months old right now.

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