Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Addition to the Family

We have decided to take the plunge and add a new member to our family. He is a Yorkie born on 7/22 out of a forbidden love affair. His mother is a CKC registered Yorkie named Cassie and his father is an AKC registered Yorkie named Rooney. The two were not supposed to "hook up" since they are from different registration groups, but they found a way to make it happen when no one was watching. As a result, Cassie had a litter of 5 but only 2 survived; a male and a female. When they were taken to the vet for their initial check up, the vet said he had never seen a puppy as small as the little male (the one on the right). We have decided that he will fit perfectly in to our family and can't wait to bring him home. He should be ready to come home around Labor Day weekend. Now we just have to come up with a name.

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