Sunday, August 16, 2009

Knee Pain

I went to the doctor about 2 months ago and they told me the knee pain I was having was arthritis. Although not thrilled, I accepted the info and agreed to try to meds in hopes that it would help the swelling and pain. After 30-days on the meds and no results (it was actually getting worse), I went back. This time they did an MRI and determined I have torn cartilage. Okay, that make more sense, but it still hurts like hell. Since I am not keen on surgery, I have agreed to do a Synvisc shot on Wednesday. I really hope that it helps with the swelling and the pain so I can get back to normal activity with my knee. Even walking is painful and since I am walking with a limp, it is making my back hurt a little.

I don't feel extremely comfortable with this doctor, but I am willing to give him a try. Think good thoughts for me on Wednesday.

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