Saturday, March 21, 2009

No More Pansies

The home builder put pansies all around our house, but I am not a fan of pansies. I spent too many years in apartment management looking at pansies every day and just don't want to look at them any more. Every day when I would pull in to the drive way I would think to myself how much I disliked those flowers. Today was the day I liberated the flower beds of those pansies. It felt so good to see them gone. Now I just need to decide what should go in their place. I'm not a fan of delicate looking flowering plants, but am not sure what I should put in. I really like the sago palms and found some really cool looking grass plant that is a deep red color.

What type of plants do you think makes a house look nice when you drive by? If you could plant anything you wanted in your front yard, what would it be?

1 comment:

  1. Be careful-Sago Palms are toxic to dogs. In fact, I just read about a puppy dying from ingesting it-so I say no Sago Palms! The deep red grass plant sounds neat. I'm big on shrubs. I've always loved a hydrenga by the front entry. I also have rue and wormwood...and lots of other things.