Monday, March 16, 2009

Hairy Armpits

Have you seen the Boost mobile commercial with the girl and guy riding the bike, her hair is flowing behind her and it even occasionally hits him in the face? I had to watch this commercial a couple of times before I realized that was her armpit hair! I love it when commercials do shocking things to get my attention, but this one just grosses me out. I have no idea what the girl is saying and had to rewind the commercial to catch that it was for Boost Mobile. Just the thought of all of that hair hanging from her armpits, getting a sweaty and stinky is too much for me.

Do you have a favorite commercial or one that just repulses you?


  1. oh i so agree!!! that is one NASTY commercial.

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  2. That is definitely a nasty one. I always have to turn away. I can't stand it. There are some great commercials out there, but I can't think of a great one running now.