Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kimberly Stone.... Please Pay Your Bills

When we moved in to our home a month ago, we had to get a new phone number. I wasn't thrilled about a new number, but since we moved to a new town we had no choice. On our first day in our new home we found out that our new number was previously held by a lady named Kimberly Stone; and she apparently owes a lot of people money. We get no less than 5 phone calls a week from different collection agencies looking for her. We have told them all that she no longer has this number, but they don't believe us. We have nicely asked them to remove this number from their database and they still call. We have told them we are going to report them to the FTC, Attorney General, and FCC and they still call. It is to the point where we are going to have to file a complaint and are considering changing our phone number to escape all of the crazy calls. If I could locate this individual, I would give the collection agencies her new number. I know times are tough, they are tough for most people, but it is not right to have someone else be constantly burdened by someone trying to dodge their creditors.


  1. How frustrating. When I got my current phone number I kept getting calls for a Karen Piano. Fortunately, they were not from collection agencies, but still annoying. The thing was most of them were about doctors appointments and I was still getting them 4 years after I had my number! Some people!

  2. I'd try to get another phone number, if I were you.