Friday, March 20, 2009

Little Buck

Few things instantly make me angry, but abusing children and animals is an instant hot button for me. I found out this week that my cousins 2 year old son, Buck, was beaten to death by his ex-wife's boyfriend. The child was beaten so severely that some of the organs couldn't be donated due to the damage and some of the wounds couldn't be covered for the funeral service. The boyfriend was charged with capital murder and today the brilliant judge lowered the bail.

This is not the first time this man harmed children. We have learned that he wasn't allowed to see his own children because of his abusive nature; but the mother of little Buck had no problems letting him be around her child. I truly believe that if the mother would have allowed my cousin to see his son, he would have been able to notice signs that Buck was being abused.

Every time I read something about it in the Mineral Wells papers, I get even more angry because they are not telling the whole story.

The only good comfort in this whole mess is that Buck will not have to endure the pain this man was putting him through any longer.

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