Saturday, July 23, 2011


I took Friday and Monday as vacation.  Yesterday, we went to the mall and took the neighbor kids.  We had a really good time.  The neighbors, B & K (12 & 14) treated hubby and I to lunch for our anniversary.  Our anniversary isn't until Monday, but they made us a card and treated us to lunch at Pluckers.  We went to Toys R Us, PetsMart, and then hit the mall.  While I was getting my haircut, hubby and the kids went looking around.  After I came out, I noticed hubby was carrying a bag....a Helzberg Diamonds bag.  What did he do?  We already got something for each other for our anniversary.  Hmmm.  Anyway, we continued through the mall looking at pretty much everything.  I had fun with K, she is 14, and we were looking at and trying on clothes.  Apparently I have more patience than her mother when it comes to clothes shopping.  I find that funny because shopping is not my thing, but with her it was fun and easy.  After spending 7 hours shopping we were all exhausted so we came home.  Today, hubby and I had to go grocery shopping, but mostly we just vegged.  Monday we are supposed to go out to eat and possibly a movie.  Hubby said he would give me the mystery bag on Monday and that it wasn't for our anniversary, it was just because.  That is really sweet and it must be something that really caught his eye since I am not in to jewelry like most women.  He said even 12 year old B thought it was cool - now I am really curious.

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