Sunday, July 10, 2011

"I Thought You Were Dead"

Hubby bought me a new book yesterday when he was at the bookstore called "I Thought You Were Dead".  The book is about the relationship between a guy and his dog.  I am only on page 5, but I can tell this book may get to me.  The dog, Stella, is a German Shepherd and Yellow Lab mix, the same as my beautiful Riley.  I asked hubby if he knew what kind of dog this book was about and he said he didn't.  He just read the back and thought it would be one that I would like.  I am excited to get further along in the book, but already at page 5 it is really interesting.

Have any of you ever read this book?  I am hoping it is not the tearjerker that "Marley and Me" was, I cried through both the book and the movie on that one.

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