Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dog Sitting

This weekend I have been watching my neighbors dog while they went out of town.  He is a yellow lab named Max and is such a good dog.  I have been going over to her house every few hours and letting him outside and playing with him.  He has an ear infection, so I have been making sure he gets his medication as well.  Since I have 3 dogs of my own, taking care of him is no problem at all.  I have been working on teaching him a new trick while they are gone - giving a high five.  Since he was already good at shaking hands, I figured a high five would be easy.  He is doing good.  He consistently does it when you give him a treat, and will occasionally do it without a treat.  They come home some time tomorrow, so hopefully he will have the trick down by the time they come home.

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