Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthouse is a movie theater here in Austin where you can get dinner and drinks while you watch your movie.  I have always liked it because it caters to more of an adult atmosphere and you don't have to contend with crying or screaming kids.  They have always had a policy, similar to most theaters, where you are not allowed to talk on your phone while in the theater (they also consider texting a no no).  The difference is that Alamo actually enforces their no talking or texting policy, while others don't.  One the radio today, they played an audio clip of a voice mail left by an angry ex-customer who was asked to leave the theater for texting during the movie.  The audio was hilarious.  Instead of brushing the incident under the rug, Alamo released her voice mail (no names mentioned of course).  This audio clip has apparently gone viral on You Tube now.  I love the fact that they actually kicked her out.  I wish more theaters would enforce their policies. 

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  1. They are also finally doing the same on trains, kicking them out, well off in this case. Now if only they would do that in restaurants.
    Love your blog, especially your "kids"