Wednesday, June 22, 2011

101 Ways To Leave A Game Show

I watched this show last night and it was hilarious.  It reminded me a little bit of Fear Factor without all of the creepy crawlies or nasty stuff to eat.  The players are removed from the game in unique ways when they answer a questions incorrectly.  Last night people left by being strapped to a bi-plane, dropped off of the side of a moving 18-wheeler, flipped over in a fiery car crash, shot up in the air from an explosion (that one blew her shoes off), and being dropped from a 10 story building.  I laughed so hard I was crying.

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  1. Well a few good one liners from the contestants, a host with no real personality, I guess with it being summer, I can see how this show might stay on air for a while, not a lot people are expected to watch television in the summer. What is up with the host? Not only does he repeat the same things over and over, he isn’t funny and he tries to be. They need to pick up the pace of the show; if they did they could get 2 more people a show to torment. Working nights at DISH I am a DVR King, thankfully I had the time slot open for a new recording, so 101 is in for now. But I don’t have to wait until I get home to watch it or any of my recordings, I use my sling adapter to stream my recorded shows, or live programming to my iPhone no matter where I am, and right now dish customers can qualify for a free sling adapter at