Sunday, February 13, 2011


I am not Catholic, but this year I gave up something for Lent.  I gave up the ability to argue back when hubby is picking on me or giving me crap about something - which he loves to do frequently.  It's all in fun, so I didn't mind giving it up - at first.  I really have a hard time not giving him crap back.  So, when he is picking on me about something and I am getting ready to give it back, he just says "Lent isn't over yet".  This was a really bad decision.  This is the second time in our marriage I took a sucker bet from him.  The first time I ended up with a tattoo - yes a permanent one.  You would think I would have learned from the first time.

Only 70 more days til Lent is over.


  1. Um...I hate to tell you this, but Hubby's already got you. Lent doesn't start until March 9th this year.

  2. She meant to say it was a New Year's resolution and I said we could end it on Easter after Lent.